Ambassadors Program of Work

Goal:      To act as the public relations arm of the Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce, by being involved in community and Chamber activities.

Basic Objectives:

  1. Promote Lincoln City and the Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce
  2. Participate in Chamber membership recruitment & retention efforts
  3. Encourage & enhance Chamber visibility and involvement
  4. Spread Chamber good will, promoting Chamber business members.

Basic Tasks:

  1. Meet on a monthly basis at a designated Chamber member location
  2. Schedule and perform visitations to new and existing businesses.
    • Welcome new businesses to the Lincoln City area with a visitation
    • Welcome new Chamber members to the Chamber of Commerce
    • Educate businesses on Chamber benefits
    • Recognize established businesses, noting changes in location, ownership or other changes
    • Educate businesses visited about community & fellow Chamber members.
  3. A designated Ambassador will attend the weekly forum to present visitation report, as needed.
  4. Submit written visitation reports, as applicable, to the Executive Director.
  5. Annually recommend to the Board of Directors Ambassador preference for chair.
  6. Assist with Chamber fundraising activities
  7. Submit concerns shared during visitations in written form to the Executive Director for further action
  8. Participate in ribbon-cutting ceremonies, dedications, open houses, parades, and/or other special events to which the Ambassadors have been invited.
  9. Assist the Chamber with any special events, as requested.
  10. At monthly meeting, discuss prospective member candidates to invite to lunch forum that month.
  11. Bring prospective members to lunch forum and introduce them.
  12. Actively recruit Chamber Ambassadors.
  13. Seek out mentors for new mentors.


Basic Membership Requirements

  1. Maintain current membership in good standing in the Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce
  2. Fulfill meeting attendance requirements.
  3. Represent the Chamber during visitations
  4. Participate in visitations as per rotating schedule and submit visitation report to Executive Director following visitation with list of participating Ambassadors included.
  5. Wear Ambassador uniform and/or badges during visitations and events when representing the Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce
  6. Support the goals and objectives of the Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce as approved annually by the Board of Directors, and comply with Chamber policies


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